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Name:Rekindle Moderators
Birthdate:Jun 6

A brief flash of light, coldness, and a voice you can't quite discern… That's the last thing you remember before you feel the suns rays on your back. Gentle, warm… as if it is embracing and washing the frigid dark away. Maybe it's familiar, or something new altogether…

Regardless of familiarity, welcome to Saeng Seong - a city where something has gone terribly wrong and they are in dire need of your help. Though what has gone wrong (the native residents call it "power problems"), how it came to be, and how exactly your presence is fixing it is a mystery left for you to uncover. What is clear, however, is that until you can help them, the residents either won't or simply can't send you back to your world and time. They need you to save them, and it's something only you can do.

The city and its residents are eager to help you, and for your unwilling arrival, they've certainly done all they can to make certain their guests' stay is as comfortable as then can afford. At least with them and others like you, you will never be completely alone…

Rekindle is a panfandom game, with fluffy, slice-of-life elements and a slow-moving underlying plotline that characters can have some impact on. Characters brought to the city will need to keep up a certain "quota" of physical contact with other player characters as they settle into and explore the strange city of Saeng Seong, or else risk losing control of their powers (if they have any) and developing withdrawal symptoms that get progressively more severe.

What's going on in Saeng Seong? Why are they really here, and how can they expedite the process of going home? That's something they can explore and find out. Or perhaps they can just settle down, and find a good person to cuddle with for a while. Either way works!

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